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The delights of nature that surround us compete with the delights of our cuisine to enchant you and make you fall in love with the Delfini Hotel

All the senses are enhanced here - also thanks to the smell of the sea ‚Äď therefore we cannot neglect taste, having prepared a table fit for a king, where it is freshness and the excellence of the products that are the common denominator for all the dishes. They are prepared according to ancient island tradition that skilfully mixes foods from the earth and the sea, seeing as Ischia cuisine has two souls: one from the land and one from the sea. Our blue sea gives us the freshest fish every day, placing on our tables those fish with the softest flesh, which our chef skilfully prepares by exalting their delicate taste and aroma.

The hill behind us, Campagnano, and the many hills and countryside on the island yield their extraordinarily sweet fruit and fragrant vegetables, always of excellent quality and variety. Rows of vines such as these are found throughout the island, offering up the grapes from which fruity wines are made, golden in colour and tasting of sunshine.

At Hotel Delfini we cook with passion while paying careful attention to the culture of our land. In this way the table too, will welcome you to the smiling island of Ischia.